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Facts & Figures

Company History
1978 Foundation of Intep in Zurich
1997 Opening of our branch in Munich
2001 Opening of our branch in Minneapolis
2008 Opening of our branch in Hamburg
2010 Opening of our branch in St. Gall
2013 Foundtaion of the Intep Holding in Munich
2014 Opening of our branch in Berlin
2016 Opening of our branch in Hangzhou
2017 Opening of our branch in Frankfurt a.M.

Committed to Excellence
Intep has received the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) “Committed to Excellence” recognition. We are now committed to the “Recognized for Excellence” program to document our proficiency in providing excellent services at reasonable prices.

'LEED Proven Provider' award by GBCI
The US Green Building Council (GBCI) has Intep awarded with the 'LEED Proven Provider' label. Intep is thus one of only two consulting companies in Europe that has received this LEED award. With the special award for the 'LEED Proven Provider', the USGBCI institute acknowledges the consistently high quality of certification documents produced by Intep.

Professional Network
Intep has an extensive network of professional partners. Our employees are members in the following professional associations:
AGI - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau e.V. (Council of industrial buildings)
AIA - American Institute of Architects
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
BDA - Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects)
BDB - Bund Deutscher Baumeister, Architekten und Ingenieure e.V. (Association of German Master Builders, Architects and Engineers)
BSA - Bund Schweizer Architekten (Federation of Swiss Architects)
ByAk - Bayerische Architektenkammer (Bavarian Chamber of Architects)
BYIK BAU - Bayerische Ingenieurekammer Bau (Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers)
DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Sustainable Building Council)
DGQ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (German Association for Quality)
DVP - Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager e.V. (German Association of Construction Project Managers)
GEFMA - German Facility Management Association
IFMA Switzerland - International Facility Management Association
Ingenious Switzerland - centre of excellence for architecture, engineering and design
LBC - Living Building Challenge
MAIV - Münchner Architekten- und Ingenieur- Verein e.V. (Association of Munich Architects and Engineers)
NNBS - Sustainable Construction Network Switzerland
SES - Schweizerische Energie-Stiftung (Swiss Energy Foundation)
SGNI - - Schweizer Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft (Swiss Sustainable Building Council)
SNV - Schweizerische Normen-Vereinigung (Swiss Association for Standardization)
SIA - Schweizer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects)
USGBC - US Green Building Council
wipswiss - women in property switzerland association