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Tasks and objectives
Building projects can be very stressful for all those involved, making targeted and strategic communication all the more important. We thus recommend that you rely on a professional and customized communication management, integrated into the project organization. Good communication management can help ensure that your project receives all the support it needs, thus improving its chances for success.

Concepts and implementation
Building trust, fuelling anticipation, providing guidance: Intep offers elaborate strategies and tried and tested tools to help you positively communicate your project to all those involved (investors, co-workers, project team) as well as to external stakeholders (those affected by the building or its construction, media) throughout the duration of the project.

Offer and services
Intep offers effective communication solutions for building and real estate projects ranging from building planning and construction to operation and use. We create informational material, we answer questions via hotlines and intranet solutions, we organize events and we develop training schemes for building users. After all, building projects are no different than any other endeavor: only those who are in the know will become advocates of their cause.