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12 / 2012
Newsletter intep today #3/12 out now
Real Estate Industry in Change The current newsletter intep today #3/12 provides information on completed and innovative projects in the real estate industry. Future-oriented logistics The Port of Hamburg, one of the largest ports in the world, is constantly changing. New and larger ... (» more)

11 / 2012
MINERGIE-P-ECO® for the Karuna House in the United States
First MINERGIE-P-ECO® pre-certificate US Premiere Sustainability and energy efficiency have become key aspects in the American construction sector. Following this approach, the Karuna House in Newberg, Oregon, is the first building in the United States to achieve pre-certification ... (» more)

10 / 2012
First pre-certification with new DGNB scheme for Hamburg Port Authority
New 2012 DGNB certification scheme for logistics buildings German premiere Germany’s very first logistics hall has received silver pre-certification within the German Sustainable Building Council’s (DGNB) new certification category “NIN12” for logistics build-ings. The ... (» more)

10 / 2012
Intep presents the 2000-Watt-Society at EXPO REAL 2012
International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment in Munich Europe's largest trade fair for real estate From October 3rd – 6th, 2012, the EXPO REAL will be held in Munich. This year, Europe's largest platform for commercial real estate expects more than 1,500 exhibitors ... (» more)

09 / 2012
Intep’s experts speak at the “International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering“
Life cycle engineers meet at Hofburg Vienna International Symposium on building life cycles and sustainability The 3rd edition of the “International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering“ will be held in Vienna, Austria, from October 3rd – 6th, 2012, offering a platform for ... (» more)

09 / 2012
Site development for the 2,000-Watt Society
"TEC21" features article by Daniel Kellenberger Handbook promotes 2,000-Watt targets in site developments The quantitative evaluation of energy or climate indicators in the form of building, neighborhood or site labels is rapidly gaining significance. Whereas past evaluation systems were ... (» more)

09 / 2012
Daniel Kellenberger accredited 2,000-Watt Site Consultant
Site development for the 2,000 Watt Society Swiss premiere "Site development for the 2,000 Watt Society" project leader Daniel Kellenberger, sustainability consulting manager and member of Intep’s management in Zurich, is among Switzerland’s first two "2,000 Watt Site Consultants" ... (» more)

09 / 2012
Intep experts to speak at the Status-Seminar in Zurich
Severin Lenel and Daniel Kellenberger at the 17th Status-Seminar in Zurich Construction Research with View to Energy and the Environment On 13 and 14 September 2012, the Swiss national competence network for building services and renewable energies will host the 17th Status-Seminar on ... (» more)

09 / 2012
New folder “Building Documentation“
Factors for the successful commissioning of a building Successful commissioning Complete and user friendly building documentation is key to the commissioning and future operation of a building. It also serves as a tool for building operators to be able to follow the commissioning ... (» more)

08 / 2012
First LEED Gold for retrofit of an administrative building
An old building made fit for the future Siemens office in Zurich Albisrieden receives award As part of its ambitious Green Building Initiative, Siemens aims at improving the sustainability performance of its offices worldwide. The comprehensive refurbishment of its Swiss national ... (» more)

08 / 2012
New folder “Sustainable Building Operation“
Transparency and added value through LEED certification LEED certification for existing buildings LEED has become a well established certification label for new builds around the world. Additionally, LEED “LEED for Existing Buildings“ (LEED EBOM Existing Buildings: Operations & ... (» more)

08 / 2012
Newsletter intep today #2/12 out now
Cost-effectiveness and sustainability are not mutually exclusive Ecological, economic and social aspects must be part of all sustainable concepts. Well aware of this necessity, decision makers and business worldwide have adapted their goals ... (» more)

07 / 2012
Germany’s first LEED Platinum for Existing Building
Highest recognition within the US certification scheme LEED EBOM Versicherungskammer Bayern building ranked number 1 in Europe The headquarters of the "Versicherungskammer Bayern" insurance company (VKB) in Munich is Germany’s first existing building to achieve LEED Platinum ... (» more)

07 / 2012
René Sigg to speak at World Workplace Asia 2012
Asia Pacific Facility Management: Smart Facilities, Unlimited Opportunities World Workplace in Singapore World Workplace Asia, one of the world’s largest real estate and facility management conventions put on by the International ... (» more)

06 / 2012
From Plato to the 2,000-Watt Society from Prof. Peter Steiger
How architecture is shaped by politics In its latest edition, the Swiss Modulør magazine features an article by Prof Peter Steiger in which he describes how architecture is shaped by politics, forging a bridge between Plato and the ... (» more)

04 / 2012
René Sigg to speak at the EFMC in Copenhagen
Global responsibility – local acting International congress and exhibition The European Facility Management Conference (EFMC) will take place in Copenhagen from May 23rd – 25th, 2012. Themed “Global responsibility – local acting“, the international congress and exhibition will ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Green Campus Conference at Max-Delbrück-Centrum in Berlin
Sustainable campus operations Sustainability – a key aspect in sciences The “Green Campus” symposium will be held at the Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (at the Helmholtz Association office) in Berlin on 30 March 2012. Scientists from across the globe will meet in ... (» more)

03 / 2012
First DGNB Gold Certificate for Hotel Duplex in Munich
Interview with Thomas Rühle Germany’s first hotel to receive the DGNB Gold certificate The Fondara Group is developing the „RiemHotels“ complex vis-à-vis the Munich trade fair. Intep’s team of DGNB auditors, involved in the project from the very beginning, is proud to announce ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Thomas Rühle and Christine Schicha at EcoBau Live 2012
Launch of Germany’s new interdisciplinary trade convention EcoBau Live 2012 The first edition of EcoBau Live 2012, Germany’s new trade fair for sustainable, ecological building, energy refurbishment and renewable energies will be held in Cologne from March 27th – 29th, 2012. The ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Newsletter intep today #1/12 out now
Latest news and current trends A growing number of businesses across the globe are implementing sustainability strategies in various fields including the real estate sector. Green building certification schemes such as LEED, DGNB and MINERGIE-ECO® serve as useful tools for such strategies and ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Energy and CO2 concept for residential buildings in Canada
Carbon and Energy Framework Event On March 15th, as part of the GLOBE 2012 Conference, René Sigg and Stephan Tanner, managing partners at Intep Zurich and Minneapolis, will present Intep’s energy and CO2 concept for residential buildings in British Columbia to the Swiss Canadian Chamber of ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Intep’s experts to speak at Facility Management Congress
Information and Networking in FM Facility Management – Exhibition and Conference The 2012 Facility Management Congress, to be held from March 6th – 8th 2012 in Frankfurt, is Germany’s only conference and exhibition exclusively dedicated to facility management, with trade experts ... (» more)

03 / 2012
Severin Lenel to speak at eco-bau 2012 in Biel
Ecological criteria for building products eco-bau The bilingual (German and French) trade convention put on by the Swiss eco-bau society and themed “Zurück zum Material – Revenons aux matériaux” (Back to the materials), will be held in Biel, Switzerland on March 23rd 2012. ... (» more)

02 / 2012
Schneider & Schneider wins 1st prize in Aarau
Architectural competition “Torfeld Süd“ Neighborhood development concept In late 2011, Mobimo Real Estate, owner of a 50,000 square meter (approx. 538,000 sq ft) plot in Aarau, Switzerland, launched a competition calling for submissions for a new neighborhood development concept. ... (» more)

02 / 2012
“Sustainable building – shaping the future“
“Sustainable building – shaping the future“ Symposium bautec in Berlin The “bautec” international trade fair for construction and building services, themed “Building for the future“, will be held in Berlin from February 21st – 25th, 2012. The congress will include the ... (» more)

01 / 2012
First SGNI gold pre-certificate
New sustainability certificate by the Swiss Sustainable Building Council (SGNI) Swiss premiere The very first SGNI pre-certificates were awarded by the Swiss Sustainable Building Council during the Swissbau construction and real estate trade fair on 18 January 2012 in Basel. Intep’s ... (» more)

01 / 2012
„Fliegende Möbel und andere Geschichten“
New book by Prof Peter Steiger out now An eventful life In his new book, entitled “Fliegende Möbel und andere Geschichten“ (Flying furniture and other stories), Intep founder and co-partner Prof. Peter Steiger narrates his eventful life, talking about his childhood and youth in the ... (» more)

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