Facility management during planning and construction

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Facility management during planning and construction

With structured and comprehensive planning and construction-accompanying facility management (pbFM), opera-tionally relevant issues can be taken into account and their influence, on the one hand on cost minimization and on the other hand on the data, plant and building information, can be improved. This therefore ensures efficient and optimal operation and that operational requirements can influence the planning and implementation.

If one considers the entire life cycle of a building – from planning to production to demolition – the operating and utilization phase of the property takes up the largest part of the life cycle as well as the highest share in terms of costs. In order to optimize user processes as well as the operational processes and to minimize the impact on utilization costs, it is important to involve facility management at an early stage and to influence the planning accordingly.


Operating processes and operating concept

To ensure that a building can be taken over into operation after completion in a manner that is as management-oriented as possible, it is necessary to define the necessary spatial, technical and operational requirements at an early stage in line with needs. For management planning, we define and establish processes, interfaces and responsibilities in an organizational concept. By determining the operational organization and defining the user and operational processes, the resources and costs for operation and management can be determined and optimized at an early stage. By involving an FM planner in the planning process, user and operator requirements can be taken into account in good time and planning can be optimized to address operational issues. This results in the following advantages for owners, operators and users:


– Efficient management processes
– Reduction and optimization of management costs
– Better maintenance conditions and less resource consumption
– Clear interfaces and responsibilities between stakeholders and defined roles
– Definition of operational organization and basis for external service procurement
– Resource planning and costing for management
– Improved transfer of know-how about objects and facilities in the phase transition from construction to operation
– Data and documentation requirements for operation and management


Intep supports you throughout the entire life cycle of real estate – with our interdisciplinarity and specific expertise, we know the challenges of facility management in the development and implementation phases and can help set the course for smooth operation.

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