Material Flow Analyses, Life Cycle Assessments and Cost Analyses

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Material flow analyses, life cycle assessments and cost analyses

Material flow analyses, life cycle assessments and cost analyses serve to optimize production processes, product design and services in terms of their environmental and economic impact. Partial aspects of sustainability can thus be strengthened in close connection with each other, in particular the ecological and economic ones.

We prepare material flow analyses for you and determine transport and storage processes. On the basis of these, we will be happy to advise you on possible optimizations and put together alternative solutions with you.


Material flow analysis

Material flow analyses are used to record processes that transport and store a material. The aim is to be able to trace the flow of materials in order to identify and optimize deficits and their causes.


Furthermore, we will support you in the preparation of your life cycle assessment – from a rough screening to a detailed comparison of variants. Our many years of experience and our interdisciplinary team guarantee a specific, customized solution for every need – taking into account the resources and knowledge available.


Life cycle assessment

A life cycle assessment determines the environmental impact of a product or service, including all environmental impacts occurring in the supply chain and in operations. The entire life cycle is taken into account – from the extraction of raw materials, through production and use, to the disposal of the product.


Intep prepares life cycle assessments in accordance with current standards (ISO 14040ff, KBOB, DIN EN15804, etc.). With our extensive expertise spanning various industries, we can support you in deciding on the appropriate level of detail, the data collection process and the interpretation of the results. If required, we will suggest suitable mitigation measures and support you in monitoring these measures. This provides the basis for a targeted and efficient reduction of environmental impact.


In addition to the ecological impact, it is also important to evaluate the economic impact of a product or service over its entire life cycle. Only then can a realistic cost estimate be made that goes beyond the investment costs. Intep supports you in calculating the life cycle costs of products and services. We have been working with suitable methods and tools for several years and can advise our customers on how to optimize any costs.2


Life cycle costs

Life cycle costs are calculated by considering all the costs incurred by a product or service. These include costs for development, production, use (including maintenance) and disposal.


Life cycle costs and assessments also form an important basis for the sustainability assessment of buildings and serve as an official source of evidence for building certifications according to DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and BNB. We will be happy to prepare life cycle cost calculations for you as part of the certification process.