Real Estate Portfolio

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Strategy and management of your real estate portfolio

Real estate portfolios of institutional investors, private individuals or the public sector require a strategy and active management in order to meet the upcoming challenges of sustainable development in real estate management. Changing social and financial conditions present owners with a challenge in managing real estate portfolios.

Intep supports the organization of real estate management and the development of a suitable real estate strategy and an active, future-oriented real estate management. The recording and assessment of the properties in a portfolio in order to define a strategy for the further development of the entire portfolio, taking into account the goals of sustainable development, are essential for this. We support you in the development of a systematic portfolio and structuring for organizations with an extensive real estate portfolio. For this purpose, a portfolio strategy is developed that takes into account the relevant framework conditions and initial situation. The concept describes the way in which implementation is organized at portfolio level and which steps are necessary to achieve goals.


With a view to future market developments, options for the medium- and long-term management of your company’s real estate portfolio are identified. In the course of a comprehensive due diligence process we analyze and reduce life cycle costs, reveal needs for investment and thus create a sound basis for an improved performance of the real estate in connection with a portfolio review.

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