Resource Management

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Resource Management

Resource management enables institutions to record and evaluate their own resource flows, identify environmental relevance and implement targeted measures. We support communities, companies and organizations in the in-troduction or further development of their environmental management system, identify and analyze sustainability potentials on all three levels (ecology, sociology, economy) and accompany you in the implementation of measures and continuous improvement.

In addition to protecting the environment, resource management can also create social value, ensure legal compliance at the environmental and social levels, and achieve short- and long-term cost savings. Whether as part of a program subsidized by the city or the federal government or as part of individual consulting, for an individual building or at the national level – we are here to support you. We place particular emphasis on active stakeholder involvement and organization-wide anchoring.


Process and material ecologization, resource use and efficiency, circular economy, procurement and disposal: Resource management applies to all stations of the value chain and attempts to link them. As an integral part of a successful resource management strategy, corporate management raises awareness, imparts knowledge, sets standards and provides the infrastructure for continuous improvement processes.


We will accompany you from the assessment of the initial situation and identification of potentials, through strategy definition and concept development, to the definition and successful implementation of measures.


Consultation within the framework of subsidized programs

Intep is part of the consultant pool of the following environmental and resource management programs:



With small to medium-sized companies in the city of Zurich, various aspects of the topics of materials and resources, energy and buildings, mobility and logistics, and corporate management are jointly examined, potentials are determined, and options for measures are developed as part of the “Eco-Compass” consulting.


The “Reffnet” program, which is subsidized by the federal government, enables more in-depth consulting for small to large companies on specific problems. The reduction of environmental impact (in the form of environmental impact points) as well as cost savings are calculated for accompanied or planned measures and presented in writing in a report.


Companies within the Canton of Zurich can also benefit from long-term (1 year), partially subsidized support for the introduction of an environmental management system. The main components of this program are eight workshops, the development of an environmental relevance matrix, and the preparation of an environmental report. Consultants (intep, among others) are always available for assistance.


Environmental and sustainability management is an opportunity to identify inefficiencies, increase resource efficiency and close loops, drive innovation for sustainable products and services, and ensure our own legal compliance.

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