Circular Economy

Circular economy as a solution for sustainable management

The transformation to a sustainable economy presents major challenges. Innovative approaches are needed to use limited resources sustainably and to maintain the regenerative capacity of renewable resources. Circular economy integrates resource conservation at the core of business models. We support authorities, building owners, companies and organizations to discover and take advantage of the opportunities of the circular economy.

In a circular economy, the consumption of natural resources is minimized by means of innovative economical approaches that mean that waste is largely avoided. This is mainly achieved through new business models, circular product and process design, and systemic, long-term thinking and action. Circular business models or circular approaches use opportunities such as product-as-a-service (e.g., mobility as a service instead of selling vehicles), ecodesign, reuse, sharing, remanufacturing and repair and, as a last resort, recycling.


In practice, one of the challenges is to actually ensure multiple life cycles of resources. The actual sustainability of a circular solution is not automatic, but must be actively designed. We provide a broad overview of your options for action and support you in developing an appropriate strategy.


We would be happy to explain the concept of the circular economy to you in a non-binding discussion.


We offer the following services in the area of Circular Economy:


  • Potential analysis: Determination of resource saving potentials as well as economic and ecological potentials e.g. by means of material flow analysis, life cycle assessment and cost analysis
  • Development of circular economy and resource strategies
  • Working on issues in workshops with management, employees and your stakeholders, e.g. the development of new business models or circular products/services
  • Resource monitoring: derivation of targets and indicators as well as creating a monitoring concept
  • Research projects: Studies on specific issues
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