Basil Hertweck


Basil Hertweck studied environmental engineering with a major in "Renewable Energies and Ecotechnologies" at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Wädenswil. He also received a minor in "Life Cycle Assessment and Label Management at the ZHAW.

About me

The opportunity to do an internship at intep, in addition to the bachelor thesis, was a stroke of luck. This gave me the opportunity to gain practical experience and incorporate it into my work, along with the theoretical academic experience.


In my new function as a consultant, I also get to work on exciting projects at the intersection between research and practice. My main interests are Life Cycle Assessment and the issues within the 2000-Watt Society framework.

Education and Training

B.Sc. ZFH in Natural Resource Sciences (ZHAW)

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