Claudine Karlen


Claudine Karlen is an environmental engineer ETH/EPFL and works at intep in the area of sustainable building. The goals of her consulting mandates are the integration of holistic sustainability concepts into building planning and building operation, as well as building certifications with various sustainability labels. Her focus is on material consulting from an ecological as well as a circular economy point of view.

About me

On one hand, the topic of sustainability in the construction sector fascinates me due to how our construction activities have an enormous influence on our ecological footprint. What we build today will exist and be used for decades to come – even more reason to make sustainability a high priority in the planning process. On the other hand, I am interested in the diverse aspects of sustainability that come together in building, the varied interests wanting to be represented, and the complex processes in which these are brought in by different actors. In my work, it is important to me to build and maintain a holistic understanding of a construction project, to follow structured methods, and to constantly draw on scientific findings and innovations in order to come up with solutions.

Education and Training

B.Sc. Environmental Engineering ETH Zurich

M.Sc. Environmental Science and Engineering EPF Lausanne