Eveline Volkart

Senior Consultant

Eveline Volkart studied environmental sciences at the ETH Zurich and furthered her education in business administration. At intep, she is strengthening the area of environmental and resource management. Previously, she worked in administration with a focus on the impact of energy policy measures and brings experience as a consultant to the field of indoor air hygiene.

About me

Sustainable use of our resources and the achievement of climate targets are important to me. I want to support companies in reducing the environmental impact of their business processes and creating transparency along their value chain. One of my main areas of work at intep is the preparation of greenhouse gas and life cycle assessments. I advise organisations on how to define ambitious but achievable goals on this basis, how to design effective measures, and how to monitor the achievement of their goals.


In addition to a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and a CAS in Business Administration, I have several years of professional experience in public administration, in the private sector and in an NGO. I approach issues in an interdisciplinary way and take different prerequisites of the various organizations into account.

Education and Training

B.Sc. Environmental Sciences (ETH Zurich)

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences (ETH Zurich)

CAS Business Administration for Team and Project Leaders (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

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