Heike Zeifang

Senior Advisor

Heike Zeifang holds a degree in architecture and has been working as a senior advisor at intep. Based on her in-depth training as an energy consultant as well as her expertise of Minergie, healthy indoor environments and ecological material concepts for buildings, she is a specialized consultant in sustainable construction and material ecology. She is also an accredited professional of both eco-bau and Minergie.

About me

Today we spend approx. 80% to 90% of our time indoors. For the well-being and health at work and at home, it is important to create indoor spaces that are low in pollutants. Therefore, my consulting method is according to the motto: If I know the “what” and “why”, then I know “how”.


For example, through calculations and construction benchmarks, I am familiar with the impact of grey energy and greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the construction industry. I was able to put this know-how to practical use when working on the SFOE’s “Guide to Grey Energy Modernization”. Large and comprehensive projects need creative solutions and often perserverance – it is necessary to stay on the ball, to overcome obstacles and, at the same time, to motivate stakeholders to get engaged.


As an architect, I am able to develop solutions that also meet high standards from a technical and design perspective.

Education and training

Dipl. Architect

Certified industrial specialist

Expert partner eco-bau

Expert partner MINERGIE

Expert GEAK


  • Seit Januar 2018 ehrenamtliche Mitarbeit im Verein transition in der Gruppe „Wohnen+Energie“.


Expert activities

  • Geak Expertin
  • Energiecoaching für Gebäudecheck von Liegenschaften
  • Beratung erneuerbar heizen
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