Jana Reichmann


Jana Reichmann holds a Master's degree in Integrated Building Systems from ETH Zurich. She deepened her knowledge in life cycle analysis, energy and land use. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences at the ETH Zurich. Jana Reichmann applies her expertise as an analyst in the field of sustainable construction.

About me

I discovered my fascination for energy in the building sector during my bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences. Initially, I focused on human-environment systems and the production, storage and handling of renewable energies. I then chose the master’s program Integrated Building Systems, which focuses on energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. The grey energy of buildings is becoming more and more important, as operating energy has been drastically reduced thanks to efficiency measures and increased use of renewable energy sources. Knowing the importance of grey energy and my passion for the environment, I focused my studies on the possibilities of avoiding CO2 emissions and carbon storage through the use of bio-based building materials, their availability in the context of land use and their life cycle.


The internship at intep gave me insight into all areas of sustainability in the construction sector, within the framework of various projects. As an analyst, I now contribute my expertise to the calculation of the grey energy of buildings within the context of Minergie-ECO certifications. I also support the Sustainable Construction team in the certification of individual buildings and entire portfolios according to various sustainability labels (Minergie, BREEAM, LEED, etc.).

Education and Training

B.Sc. ETH Environmental Sciences (ETH Zürich)

M.Sc. ETH Integrated Building Systems (ETH Zürich)

Green Building Solutions' Summerschool, Vienna AT

GreenSkills' Training Course, United Creations - Academy, Vienna AT