Martina Heer


Martina Heer holds a Master's degree in Geography and Biology from the University of Basel. She majored in geoecology, and was later a member of an environmental reconstruction studies research group. She has been assisting intep in sustainable construction since mid-April 2021.

About me

I have always been interested in the origins of life and intra-organism interaction, from the single-celled to the complex. During my studies I encountered the pressing need for sustainability and consequently gained deeper knowledge in geoecology by investigating human intervention in ecosystems using fossilized invertebrates. It is obvious that nature rarely returns to its original state once humans have interfered. The subsequent inherent social responsibility that implies is one of intep’s core values, and I am fully committed to this philosophy.


As an intep trainee, I assist the Sustainable Building and Operations team primarily in certifying properties according to BREEAM and WELL as well as helping with internal organization and process optimization. In addition to my scientific know-how, I am also expanding my knowledge of the construction industry and real estate management, among other things.

Education and Training

B.A. Geography & Biology (University of Basel)

M.A. Geography & Biology (University of Basel)

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