Matthias Mahler


Matthias Mahler holds an M.A. in Sociology and Geography from the University of Basel, where he focused on qualitative social research. Since 2020 he has been working for intep in the field of socioeconomics. Prior to that, he was an intern for sustainable mobility and served as a planning assistant at the Office for Spatial Planning (BL).

About me

I am particularly interested in the social connections in the built environment: What opportunities and challenges exist for sustainable development? And how can we come to viable conclusions? Through both my educational and practical experiences, I have developed a broad understanding of the interplay of social and spatial developments and the tasks of public planning. Furthermore, I have learned to analyze spatial and social issues in a nuanced way and to quickly empathsize with different stakeholders.

Education and Training

B.A. Geography and Social Sciences (University of Basel)

M.A. Sociology and Geography (University of Basel)

Course "Introduction to spatial planning" (Espace Suisse)

Course "Evaluation: Assesment and reporting" (SEVAL)


  • Stäheli, A. und Mahler, M. (2018): Zählungen im Fussverkehr: Technische Möglichkeiten und praktische Anwendungen. In: Bulletin Fussverkehr Schweiz, 3/18 , S. 4
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