Training and workshop on the topic "2000-watt society"

BVMW Changzhou

Exchange with the Green Building Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone in Changzhou/Jiangsu

April 16th 2021 | Jilong Zhu

Intep was invited to conduct a training on the “2000-Watt Society” and a workshop on the pilot project “Zero Emission Neighborhood” at the “Wujin Green Building Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone” in Changzhou with the support of various departments of the Changzhou Municipal Government together with BVMW Changzhou Competence Center.


Dr. Feng Lu-Pagenkopf, senior consultant at Intep, introduced the Swiss energy policy of “2000-watt society” and the certification system of “2000-watt areas,” and explained how to develop a “zero-emission district.” By developing a sustainability master concept that includes areas such as buildings, energy, transportation, waste, water resources, landscape & greening, organization, and management, a carbon-neutral neighborhood can be created.


The aim of this training was to promote technical exchange between Intep and Chinese professionals, institutes and companies in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection. In addition, we would like to help China achieve CO2 neutrality by introducing advanced Swiss sustainable development concepts.


After the training, Dr. Feng Lu-Pagenkopf and Jilong Zhu, General Manager of Intep’s Beijing office, participated in a seminar. The participants focused on the feasibility of a demonstration project in Changzhou such as a Swiss “2000-watt area” or a “zero-emissions district.” In order to promote cooperation between local companies and Intep and to introduce Europe’s advanced technologies and concepts in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection, the participants also discussed the potentials of cooperation.