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The climate is changing - are you changing too?

October 28, 2021 | Claudia Bucher

With the help of the CO₂free app, it is possible to determine the digital CO₂ footprint of a person caused by their smartphone. For this purpose, the data generated is directly measured on the smartphone and translated into CO₂ emissions. The app then shows how users can reduce emissions. In a second step, direct compensation of the CO₂ emissions is possible via the app. This creates awareness of the ecological consequences of one’s own behavior and encourages a more climate-conscious use of the smartphone.


For the scientifically sound calculation of CO₂ emissions, Sustainable Data Technologies and intep are doing pioneering work by applying life cycle assessment to the digital world. For this purpose, a methodical procedure was developed that allows an estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and thus establishes a product system that takes all relevant emission sources into account.


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