BREEAM Portfolio Certification

AXA's overarching sustainability strategy provides that all projects are assessed according to generally accepted sustainability criteria. The procedure has already been defined for new construction projects and extensive renovations. Our mission goes from the evaluation of a suitable assessment system to the certification of the first properties within the scope of a portfolio certification according to BREEAM In-Use.

Certification according to BREEAM In-Use within the scope of a pilot portfolio certification


Project period

since 2017


AXA Investment Managers AG


Certification according to BREEAM In-Use Part 1 and 2

AXA’s existing portfolio has to be assessed according to a sustainability system. The focus is on properties which are no longer new but also not in the renovation cycle.


In a first step, different certification systems for existing buildings were compared and evaluated. BREEAM In-Use was identified as the most suitable system for AXA. This result was verified in feasibility studies of various properties and in a test certification. Since summer 2019, the certification of 5 properties has been carried out within the framework of a pilot phase for portfolio certification according to BREEAM In-Use, which was concluded with the audit at the end of 2019. With BREEAM In-Use, properties can be assessed in 3 parts – part 1: buildings, part 2: operater and part 3: users. For the portfolio of AXA part 1 and in cooperation with the operators part 2 will be certified.


Evaluation suitable certification system

Realisation of feasibility studies and potential analyses

Pre-Assessment of the properties

Audit und Zertifizierung der Objekte