Charging stations for e-mobility

by AKrebs on Pixabay

The field of e-mobility plays an important role in achieving climate goals. Due to this, the canton of Zurich is taking measures to ensure that the public sector plays an exemplary role in this regard and is promoting e-mobility. To this end, a uniform procurement and management of charging stations is being pursued. Intep carried out the tendering and award process.

Conversion of the cantonal vehicle fleet to non-fossil vehicles


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Real Estate Office of the Canton of Zurich

In order to achieve its 2030 climate goals, the Canton of Zurich wants to convert its vehicle fleet – where possible – to non-fossil vehicles. There are also various user organizations in the Canton of Zurich that have already supplemented their vehicle fleet with electric vehicles or intend to do so. A comprehensive charging infrastructure for electric cars is therefore needed at all  properties owned by the Canton.


To this end, a framework contract for the procurement and management of charging stations for e-mobility was put out to tender. Intep was responsible for conducting the tender process, preparing the tender documents, and reviewing and evaluating the bids.


The selected provider will supply, install and manage the necessary e-charging stations for 10 years and operate the administration of energy billing. The Canton of Zurich has thus laid the first milestone and is prepared for an electromobile future.


Operation and Management

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