Circular economy for skis


The ski manufacturer earlybird produces a circular economy ski that can be dismantled into its individual parts. As part of the support programme of the Resource Efficiency Network (Reffnet), intep developed a concept for the optimal return of the skis from the customer to the manufacturer.

Innovative ski: circular economy in winter sports


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Earlybird produces skis with a minimal environmental impact. For this purpose, resources are processed into a ski that can be dismantled and whose individual parts are partially recyclable. The company developed the skis in the spirit of a resource-saving circular economy. Earlybird has already won the ISPO GOLD AWARD twice for its sustainable products.


Intep analysed the conditions and challenges of the return process for this concept. The focus was on two points. On the one hand, communication with the customer regarding the return op-tions and the advantages of the circular economy. On the other hand, the return process should be uncomplicated for the customer and the transport routes should conserve resources.


The project was developed within the framework of the Reffnet advisory programme. The network for resource efficiency provides funding to support projects that look for innovative solu-tions for resource-saving product developments. Essential to this is the calculation of environmental impact points (EIP). This determines the environmental impact of individual resources and makes the potential of sustainable measures visible via the carbon footprint.


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