Scientific basis for the «CO2-free» app

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With the «CO2-free» application, a person's digital greenhouse gas balance is determined and offset by data that can be read directly from a smartphone. Intep has developed the scientific foundation that allows the accurate calculation of the balance.

CO2 reduction in everyday digital life


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The «CO2-free» app makes it possible to determine a person’s digital greenhouse gas balance. Personalized data is read directly from a smartphone. The app then shows users how they can reduce emissions. In a second step, it is possible to offset the balance directly via the app. The aim is to create awareness regarding the ecological consequences of one’s own behavior and to encourage a more climate-conscious use of digital companions. The team that developed the application is attempting to make the energy consumption associated with cloud storage or mo-bile data more transparent for a large audience.


Intep is developing the scientific foundation for this tool, as well as a conceptual approach for implementation. The work is based on ISO 14040/44, which regulates the preparation of a life cy-cle assessment. The project has been created within the framework of a master thesis. The focus is on the question of how the ecological impact of individual digital products can be measured based on real-time data from a smartphone.


Development of a conceptual approach for life cycle assessments of digital products

Consulting on technical issues in the field of life cycle assessments and the offsetting of GHG

Supporting the development of concepts for the life cycle assessment of various products and services

Expert support during customer meetings

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