The Department of Physics at ETH Zurich focuses on research of quantum effects, which forms the basis for future technologies and new types of materials. The future new physics building HPQ will establish the foundation for this future research. The ETH HPQ building has modern, flexibly designed laboratories, contemporary office space and four shared infrastructural units that serve as interdepartmental platforms.

Facility Management Concepts for the new physics Building HPQ of ETH Zurich


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Coordination and development of overall Facility Management Concepts for all planning and construction phases

Intep is responsible for the phase-appropriate coordination of all Facility Management concepts including the Safety Concept. In addition to compliance with SGNI requirements, the new construction of the HPQ physics building places the highest demands on the laboratory rooms (technical specifications, insulation, climatic control mechanisms, clean room specifications, etc.).


The individual platforms, ‘FIRST II’ Nanotechnology Centre -‘MMC’ Centre for the production of novel materials – ‘CLNE’ Centre with high-performance laboratories and ‘FAST’ Centre for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses, often require solutions that are partly not standardized and have to be realized as so-called prototypes. This influences the operational processes and accordingly presents us with new operational challenges.


Phase-appropriate coordination of all FM concepts

Phase-appropriate preparation of the operating and safety concept