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ETH Zurich intends to strengthen its leading role in medical technology with the construction of the new GLC research building. With the occupation of the planned building, a new operational organization will be created. In order to achieve safe, effective and efficient management processes in the future building operation and to clearly define responsibilities and interfaces, intep was mandated to create an operational and safety concept.

Facility Management Concepts for the new research Building GLC for medical technology of ETH Zurich


Project period



Boltshauser Architekten AG


Coordination and development of overall Facility Management Concepts for all planning and construction phases

Intep’s mandate is to develop the operating and safety concepts (FM Concepts) in parallel to all planning and construction phases.


Information related to operations is documented in the operating concept and made available to all actors involved in the operation of the GLC building. Therefore, the Facility Management Concept forms an essential basis for efficient operation.


In the safety concept, the safety-relevant information is also documented and make available to all actors involved in the operation of the GLC building. The Safety Concept aims to ensure security against human and technical failure. It describes the procedure to be followed in an emergency situation.


Phase-appropriate coordination of all FM concepts

Phase-appropriate preparation of the operating and safety concept

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