Green Deal Graubünden - Buildings

The canton of Graubünden wants to go one step further with sustainable building. The new construction of the Chur transport base was submitted by the Graubünden structural engineering office as a lighthouse project in the "Green Deal for Graubünden" action plan. The aim is to achieve net zero and to think beyond existing standards of sustainable building. For the open pro-ject competition for the transport base, target values and requirements are defined that best support the achievement of the "Green Deal Graubünden" goals in the construction industry.

Concept development and competition support sustainable construction


Project Period



Hochbauamt Kanton Graubünden

To achieve the goals of the “Green Deal for Graubünden” in the area of buildings, international goals and approaches of sustainable development (Planetary Boundaries, Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals), the needs of the client as well as existing standards of sustainable construction are included. It is important to recognise that the real estate and construction industry has a high potential for effective climate protection measures. Important fields of action include climate-neutral construction, circularity, microclimate and biodiversity, and sufficiency.


Together with the canton of Graubünden, Intep is developing the core topics “Green Deal for Graubünden: Buildings”, in which the requirements for future-oriented building are outlined. These requirements form the basis of the sustainability criteria for the lighthouse project Transport Base Chur. On the one hand, the concept serves as a basic document for the competition to enable appropriate implementation and objective assessment. On the other hand, it ensures that sustainability is understood as an integral part of the competition.


Accompanying the Office of Structural Engineering during the "Green Deal Graubünden" process – Buildings

Developing the core topics and requirements for achieving the "Green Deal Graubünden" goal

Support in the formulation of the objective and assessment criteria sustainability for the competition program

Preparation of sustainability test grid and preliminary assessment of contributions for sustainability and life cycle costs

Participation in the jury for the evaluation of the competition entries

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