HafenCity - Strandkai operating concept

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Strandkai, located in Hamburg's Hafencity, a neighborhood development is being built with residential space, restaurants, commercial space and a children's cultural center. Intep creat-ed an operational concept for the communal areas of the quarter, which sets out the operationally relevant aspects for the future operator.

Operational concept for communally used neighborhood areas


Project Period



PE Strandkai GmbH@Co. KG

Strandkai is a part of HafenCity in Hamburg, which is still under construction. It is divided into two principal zones; primarily residential buildings will be developed in the western area, located on the quay tongue, while in the eastern zone, commercial space with a focus on services, restaurants and leisure will be developed.


PE Strandkai GmbH & CO. KG is building a development with a gross floor area of around 90,000 sqm in Strandkai. There will be 550 residential units as well as dedicated areas for restau-rants, commercial space and a cultural center for children. Two perimeter block buildings and two elegant towers are also planned. The flood-protected mound accommodates a public un-derground parking garage and ancillary areas for use.


For the complex development, intep drew up an operational concept based on the planning, which sets out the operationally relevant aspects for the future operator of the shared areas of the quarter while forming the framework for the tender regarding the facility’s services.


Procurement Property and Facility Services

Space requirements and utilization concept

Operations and management

Life cycle and operating costs

Data and operating concept

Sustainable neighborhood management

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