Environmental and energy check

Sequerciani commissioned intep to subject its estate in Tuscany to an environmental and energy check. Tourist and agricultural activities are combined on and around the property. The checks focussed on analysing the existing resources and structures, on the basis of which measures for sustainable development were recommended.

Agritourism in Tuscany - promoting sustainable development


Project Period



Sequerciani Svizzera GmbH


Report describing the current situation and recommendations for measures (short, medium, long-term)

The Sequerciani is a farm in southern Maremma Tuscany with several guest accommodation units and a restaurant surrounded by 80 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, fields and forests. Vegetables, fruit and cereals, especially olives (olive oil production) and vines (natural wine production) are cultivated on the estate using biodynamic cultivation methods.


The Sequerciani Green project set far-reaching content objectives for environmental sustainability. Against this background, intep carried out an environmental and energy check, which shows the current status and additional options for action.


The check included the three Sequerciani operations: Sequerciani Agriturismo with a villa and apartments incl. wellness facilities as well as garden and agriculture, the BnB La Fattoria and the restaurant Il Barrino.


The following areas were assessed:


  • Energy production and consumption
  • Water consumption and rainwater management
  • Horticulture and plant selection
  • Sustainability of the catering offered
  • Handling of resources, chemicals and waste
  • Mobility and sustainable construction


Checklist for environment and energy specific to agriturismo/ BnB/ restaurant

Inspection and assessment of the buildings, facilities and the open space as well as conducting interviews with management and employees

Analysis of consumption and potential for reduction and comparison with other farms

Description of the actual situation and recommendations for measures per operation and subject area (short, medium, long-term)