Solution for reusable tableware

by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Disposable solutions lead to a considerable amount of waste in the take-away sector. To change this, the St. Jakob Foundation has worked with Intep to develop a solution concept for reusable tableware that helps reduce waste, presents food to customers in an appealing way, and is also economically attractive.

A sustainable standard for take-away providers


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Conversion from disposable to reusable tableware

The St. Jakob Foundation attaches great importance to market-oriented work and sustainability. In the course of an Öko-Kompass consultation by Intep, the high number of disposable packages at the St. Jakob Foundation, but also at other stand operators, was noted in take-away. As a result, the vision was born to only sell take-away in reusable solutions. On the one hand, this would save valuable resources, and on the other, it would substantially reduce CO2 emissions.


To turn this vision into reality, Intep analyzed the packaging used and recorded the needs of the stand operators in order to be able to offer feasible solution proposals. The consulting included both a comparison of the environmental impact of various reusable containers according to the environmental impact points methodology and a profitability analysis. Since different stand operators with different containers were involved, depot solutions also had to be examined. In addition to the St. Jakob Foundation’s own solution, the analysis also focused on Recircle and Cup & More.


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