Student Project House FHK

The former district heating plant (FHK) of ETH Zurich will be converted into a new innovative Student Project House (SPH) by 2021. Intep was mandated to create an operating manual at the end of the construction project.

Operating Manual for the Student Project House FHK, ETH Zurich


Project period



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Operating Manual for Owner, Operator and User

The new ETH Student Project House (SPH), which will be completed in 2021, is located on the Central campus of ETH Zurich on Clausiusstrasse.


The aim of the SPH is to give ETH students space to develop ideas that go beyond the regular scope of their studies. The SPH offers students a lot of freedom without pressure. The concept of the SPH is based on the principle of “Fail Forward”. Mistakes are allowed or even encouraged here. The interior design is intended to support ETH students in the creation and implementation of new, voluntary and cross-disciplinary projects.


The operating manual created by intep regulates the use of the Student Project House and serves as a source of information for all stakeholders (ETH Real Estate, ETH Operations Department and operators/users). Responsibilities, interfaces and processes are defined, which enable an efficient operation.


Creation of building operational manual

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