ZHAW School of Engineering

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The Department of Structural Engineering of the Canton of Zurich is building two new laboratory facilities for the ZHAW Winterthur on the Technikumstrasse campus. Intep leads the quality assurance team and supports the client and planners during the entire planning and construction process with a second opinion.

Quality management of planning and execution


Project period

2019 - 2028


Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich

The School of Engineering aims to strengthen its position in the Swiss university landscape and its supraregional steel power by consolidating and expanding its resources on the Technikumstrasse campus in Winterthur. To achieve this, a master plan was adopted in 2017 on the basis of a test plan from 2011. Based on this master plan, a competition was held in 2018 for the first stage – Buildings TL and TN – which Graber Pulver Architects won. Furthermore, the design of the surroundings with regard to flood protection is part of the first stage.


The Department of Structural Engineering of the Canton of Zurich has set up a quality management team for this demanding task in the project organisation. This team of experts from the most important specialist areas supports the client with their expertise in evaluating the planning results as well as in deciding on the variants.


Intep takes over the management of the quality management team on behalf of the Building Department (HBA). We lead the team, coordinate the test runs, form the interface to the project management and organise the coordination with the planning team. In addition, we are responsible for the planning/scheduling of the test runs, collect the test entries and reports of the individual experts and consolidate them into the test report for the HBA.


Head of quality management team

Coordination of test runs in the team and feedback to the planning team

Consolidation of test results and reporting to the building owner