Regional Planning Law and specialized Planning Law

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Regional planning law and specialized planning law

The task of spatial planning is to harmonize the different ecological, economic and social demands on geographical space and to balance conflicts. We are primarily involved with supporting the public sector in legal issues of spatial planning.

In Germany, spatial planning is primarily regulated by the Federal Spatial Planning Act (ROG) for federal, state and regional planning and the Building Code (BauGB) for communal urban land use planning. In Switzerland, the Spatial Planning Act (RPL) forms the basis for spatial development. Both countries have a large number of additional specialized planning laws relevant to spatial development. These include, for example, the landscape planning of the German Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) or the flood protection planning of the Water Resources Act (WHG).


In particular, we advise the public sector with regard to the legal issues surrounding spatial planning. Our main areas of interest are the integration of ecosystem services into planning laws and planning processes, spatial planning conflicts as well as environmental and climate protection in spatial planning.