We combine strategies and innovations to create sustainable solutions

Intep’s services include integrated consulting and applied research in the areas of society, environment and economy. We support private organizations and public institutions in sustainable development, increasing their profitability and securing competitive advantages. In order to successfully master these challenges, we focus on sustainable solutions.

We research and work on future-oriented topics such as climate policy and climate protection, circular economy, sustainable and circular construction, digitalization in construction and real estate management, and sufficiency. The Agenda 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement are guiding principles for us in this context. You benefit from our 40 years of experience in international projects and committees as well as from our profound local knowledge and our networking in various organizations and industry associations.

Climate and Energy

The Paris climate agreement to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius and the switch to renewable energies form the basis of our actions. To this end, we consistently focus on net-zero strategies for CO2 and low-energy strategies (for example, within the framework of the 2000-watt society).
We develop climate adaptation strategies, advise on sustainable urban and neighborhood development and implement regional and municipal climate protection and energy concepts.
We use GIS information systems, create ecological and energy balances and develop simple and clear CO2 and energy reduction paths for our clients. This provides you with a sound basis and strategic approaches for your climate protection and energy goals. With our expertise in climate protection and energy law, you gain legal and future security.

Environment and Conservation

Intep aims to strengthen the preservation of nature and biodiversity in order to ensure the purity of air, water and soil. Based on environmental management strategies, we develop concepts for sustainable operation and the use of products and services. On the basis of eco-balances we show the potential environmental impact and the possible optimization potential. We derive concepts for environmental risks and natural hazards and advise on air quality and air hygiene.
With environmental impact reports, we support the realization of infrastructure and construction measures. With CO2 and greenhouse gas emission balances and audits as well as sustainability assessments for products and services, we optimize the environmental impact and show reduction paths for your climate targets and science-based targets. Our long-standing expertise is the basis for your effective environmental and sustainability strategy.

Ressources and Circular Economy

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the growing use of resources by closing the loop and thus contribute to increasing resource efficiency and economic viability. We focus on product optimization, the extension of the useful life of products as well as their ease of repair and present effective approaches in this context.


We use material flow analyses, life cycle assessments and life cycle cost analyses to present the potentials. This provides you with concrete measures for resource optimization. With our legal advice on warranties under purchase law, you also have legal certainty in the reuse of products and components.

Economy and Consumption

Sustainable development requires new economic models that promote a sufficiency-oriented work and lifestyle and take into account a balance between economic growth and resource conservation.


We prepare economic analyses, conduct evaluations and impact analyses, develop sufficien-cy concepts and analyze supply chain management.
We use digitalization for LCC and LCA analyses and for sustainability assessments of business models and financial assets. This provides them with future-oriented, economic solution approaches for their individual company model and personal life model.

Building and Real Estate

Real estate is an important factor in the national economy and part of our living space. A smart real estate strategy with a view to future market developments and the information- and data-based management of the real estate portfolio is essential for the public sector as well as for private companies. We develop sustainable real estate (portfolio) concepts and ensure their consistent and needs-based implementation in operation and management. We advise on the selection and implementation of suitable sustainability standards.
With project-related quality assurance, we ensure compliance with the requirements during the planning and construction process.
The result is high-quality, sustainable and cost-optimized real estate that meets the requi-rements for climate protection and resource conservation.

Organization and Communication

Stable and agile organizations can make a lasting contribution to sustainable development for society. Communication is an important awareness-raising tool in this context. We advise on organizational development and business process modeling and support their communication.


The determination of appropriate product and process indicators, support in product and brand policy and the development of performance and service policy are essential for this. Participative processes and targeted communication are used to identify alternative courses of action, make new technologies or infrastructures accessible, and thus enable changes in attitude and behavior.

Construction and Environmental Law

With globalization and economic growth, the pollution of air, water and soil is constantly in-creasing. In response to the negative consequences, laws and regulations are issued to protect the environment. We support you in ensuring (environmental) legal compliance, in verifying legally compliant organization and in preparing legal cadastres.


We use our profound experience in state and administrative law, immission control law, fertilizer law, soil protection law, nature conservation law, climate protection law, building and construction planning law, European law and international environmental law. Our legal opinions provide you with clarity in legal certainty for your projects and thus for the future viability of your company or organization.

People and Space

Three out of four people live in cities and agglomerations today. Due to the density, burdens and conflicts arise. Diverse open spaces ensure the quality of life and the environment. We advise on urban and regional economic development and develop strategies and concepts for area and neighborhood management.


We use the results of Social Life Cycle Assessments and the findings of population and business surveys to provide sound advice to municipalities and cities. In addition, we accompany participation processes and take over user communication and public relations. The future lies in embedding the multifaceted interactions between people and space in an overall view.

Mobility and Transportation

Sustainable mobility aims at less traffic and an energy- and land-efficient mix of all means of transport. Sufficiency as well as mobility concepts with electric and hydrogen drives are cornerstones of sustainable mobility. We develop sustainable mobility and transport concepts and advise on mobility management in companies. We advise on the integration of E- and H2O charging infrastructures in municipal and neighborhood contexts.


In doing so, we rely on mobility indicators as well as on surveys in municipalities and companies. By means of CO2 and energy balances, we present the impact of the concepts and measures. Sustainable mobility is a key issue for municipalities and companies with regard to the net zero CO2 targets.