Material Ecology

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Healthy Indoor Climate

Among other aspects, sustainable building and operation includes environmentally friendly construction, efficient use of resources, high flexibility of use, energy-efficient operation, low lifecycle costs and a comfortable, healthy indoor climate. We offer support ranging from the selection of materials that are harmless to health to the performance of indoor air measurements.

With our material-ecological consulting, you not only achieve a healthy indoor climate for building users, but also minimize the environmental impact at the same time. Sustainable real estate is characterized above all by a high level of user satisfaction. A healthy indoor climate plays a decisive role and represents an important quality re-quirement that leads to added value for tenants and investors.


We eat healthily, organize our leisure time with health-promoting activities and maintain a high medical standard. But what about the environment in which we spend almost 90% of our time every day – inside?


Construction method is a determining factor for healthy indoor air. Energy laws lead to tight building envelopes in which air exchange rates are low. Economic reasons force builders to keep construction times as short as possible. An almost unmanageable number of Swiss and European products are used. Selection of products is often based on aesthetic or technical factors – and the ecological aspects of construction are quickly forgotten. In the worst case, pollutants remain in the indoor air that can endanger our health.


For many pollutants, guideline values have been defined on the basis of studies and measurements. The indoor air should at least fall below these guideline values. However, the easiest way to prevent indoor pollutants is to avoid them altogether. Since they are bound to occur anyway during construction, measures must be taken to ensure that indoor air does not contain enough pollutants to make us humans ill.


We offer support in the selection of materials that are harmless to health, the establishment of a quality assurance system from planning and tendering to execution, and the performance of indoor air measurements with the aim of creating a healthy indoor climate and protecting the environment.

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