Area management Lengg

The Lengg area in Zurich is the largest workplace area in the health sector in Switzerland. The cantonal structure plan specifies the expansion and concentration of its facilities for health and research. The Lengg area management controls and coordinates the implementation of the master plan of the area planning.

Proactive control and coordination of processes and results


Project period

2018 - 2021


Canton Zurich Building Directorate, Office for Spatial Development

The overall process is influenced on the one hand by the overriding goals and tasks according to the master plan and on the other hand by the interests and goals of the individual organizations and actors. Intep supports the overall project management in this complex and interdisciplinary task by providing external project support with an interdisciplinary project team.


Administrative, koordinative und fachliche Unterstützung der Gesamtleitung

Ongoing project controlling, early identification of de-pendencies and shortages

Administration of management instruments as well as development and follow-up of the implementation agenda over the entire project duration

Preparation, realization and follow-up of meetings

Enge Zusammenarbeit mit beteiligten Akteuren des Gesamtprojekts und der Teilprojekte