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Herzog & de Meuron

With over 25,000 students, the University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland and ranks among the elite of European research and educational institutions. For various buildings of the University of Zurich, intep structured the operational management of its real estate portfolio, thus creating an optimal basis for efficient operations.

The University of Zurich optimizes its operational management


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UZH Directorate of Real Estate and Operations


Phased operational management concepts, phase 3 project planning (FORUM UZH), 51 ready for implemen-tation (FGCZ) and 52 undergoing imple-mentation (UZI5). Tool for calculating operation and maintenance costs.

With several hundred fields of study in seven different faculties, the University of Zurich offers the broadest range of study programs in Switzerland. Numerous awards underscore the university’s international recognition. With the centrepiece of the project, the Forum UZH Zurich Center, a new, high-performance and efficient building by Herzog & de Meuron with international appeal is being constructed in a prominent location. UZH is thus making a decisive contribution to promoting Zurich as a university location and securing its leading position.


Intep created standardized, yet target-specific operation management concepts as well as operating cost calculations for three buildings in different phases of project planning and realization in order to meet the institutions’ future requirements and needs. The service processes for operation and management, as well as organization of responsible persons and interfaces between owners, operators, users and third parties were defined according to the process/service model in FM (ProLeMo).


The standardized operational management concept and the creation of a cost structure offer the University of Zurich an efficient basis for recording its operational processes and estimating future costs by allowing a structured definition of processes, services, responsibilities and duties.


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