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After 40 years, the largest cultural center in Europe needed renovation. The Gasteig in Munich is undergoing a general renovation. Intep created a reuse concept for this. The potential to re-use components, equipment and operating facilities was examined in order to improve the environmental balance of the project. In addition, intep was able to demonstrate the financial ad-vantages of reuse.

Reuse as a turning point in the construction sector for a consistent circular economy


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Gasteig München GmbH

The Gasteig cultural center in Munich was built in the 1980s and is now undergoing extensive renovation after 40 years in operation. The Gasteig is home to various cultural and educational institutions belonging to the city of Munich, such as the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, whose concert hall is also located in the building complex, as well as the Munich Adult Education Center and the City Library.


For financial and ecological reasons, a general renovation was preferred to demolition with a new building. Intep developed a reuse concept for this purpose. The goal of the concept was to determine the potential reuse of components, systems and operating equipment. The reuse concept is intended to consistently implement the circular economy in the planning and construc-tion process. In the general refurbishment of the Gasteig Cultural Center, around two-thirds of the existing building components can be directly reused for the general refurbishment. A fur-ther 20% of the dismantled components, plant and equipment have been used in other projects, while 67% have been recycled and only 13% have been thrown away.


With this concept in mind, intep was able to demonstrate the economic and ecological potential associated with the reuse of components. This resulted in the following solutions for Gasteig: construction waste can be reduced, natural resources conserved, and greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption lowered. In addition, components in good condition can be sold at a profit instead of being disposed of at a cost.


Resource management and circular economy

Material and mass determination of the components, systems and operating equipment

Reuse potential (categorization into 7 groups)

CO2 balance and grey energy of the components or savings during reuse

Estimation of the economic potential of reuse

Identification of customer groups

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