Sarah Ackermann

Senior Consultant

Sarah Ackermann is a qualified civil engineer with a trinational diploma from Switzerland, Germany and France. She has been working in the construction industry since 2018 and specialised in real estate portfolio, circular construction and energy consulting. She is a green building expert and speaks fluent German and French.

About me

The construction industry is an area with a very high environmental impact. The construction of buildings is greenhouse gas intensive. I would like to actively promote a resource-saving and energy-efficient construction method and help shape the future with sustainable and innovative concepts and solutions.


With my practical and theoretical experience in construction management, in the portfolio of new buildings and existing buildings as well as with sustainability certifications, and my language skills in German and French, I can advise clients on challenging projects in German and Western Switzerland. My focus is on the reuse of building materials in implementation and planning. In addition, my activities include building certifications according to DGNB, BREEAM, GEAK, SSREI and SNBS.

Education and Training

Dipl. - Ing. - Civil engineering trinational

BREEAM Inventory Auditor

cand. GEAK Expert

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