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The optimisation of building operation through fossil-free energy generators with good insulation of the building envelope is often in contrast to the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the construction of a building. For the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), in collaboration with ETH Zurich, intep is using a platform to increase the market share of innovative building materials and components and generate greater visibility for them.

Strategies for new buildings with the lowest emissions during construction


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Bundesamt für Energie

“Nearly Zero Carbon Emission Strategies” should enable energy-efficient buildings with low grey emissions. To achieve this, the focus must be on the materials used. The aim of this research project is, therefore, to create a platform for material manufacturers of innovative products with verified low greenhouse gas emissions in order to accelerate the “up-scaling” of these technologies.


Through the formulation of action strategies, recommendations for project developers will be developed in order to increase the use of innovative building materials and components in construction projects and to gain acceptance among stakeholders. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Chair of Sustainable Construction at ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr Guillaume Habert.


In 2021, a list of building materials was compiled with around 80 potential ecological building materials and components. Manufacturers of materials with particularly high potential were contacted and encouraged to participate in the project. In early 2022, LCA data will be calculated or reviewed for participating building material manufacturers to seek inclusion in the KBOB “LCA in Construction” list. Subsequently, the quantitative ranges of parameters such as construction costs, construction time, and energy-related emissions will be determined for several up-scaling scenarios for selected test buildings. The acceptance of the different scenarios will be determined by a stakeholder analysis in the construction industry by means of surveys.

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