Communication Management and Project Communication

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Communication management and project communication

Sustainable corporate development works best when communication forms an integral part of the corporate concept. This applies both to comprehensive corporate and to project-specific environments.

In this sense, sustainability communication means sharpening your communication management and setting the focus on the three pillars of sustainable development. Whether you want to inform your customers about your company’s commitment or the members of your community about a new project, sustainable communication always works where it communicates transparently and comprehensibly along the interfaces of economic, ecological and social requirements.


On the surface, successful communication management consists of a transparent, simple and comprehensible flow of information. This seemingly simple principle requires a differentiated and sensitive approach to the stakeholders involved. The various needs and potential disruptive factors must be identified and form the basis of a communication concept.


Based on this, the choice of communication channels and the observance of a language and tone appropriate to the recipient are a decisive factor. Once the information is flowing, it needs balanced moderation and active involvement from stakeholders according to their role within the project.


We can help you and your company or community ensure that the right messages are sent, received and under-stood by the right people. In doing so, we work with you to create a communication plan in which we define the goal, target audience, message and media. We will also assist you in the entire management and monitoring of project communications, from the creation of messages to the collection and analysis of data.

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