Participation and Public Involvement

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Leading projects to success together with stakeholders

To ensure the success of your project in the long term, we will accompany and conduct participatory processes for you and involve the public, your employees and other stakeholders in achieving your goals. The integral consideration of a challenge and the target group-oriented communication are the focus of our support.

Sustainable solutions can only be developed together. The participation of various stakeholders is becoming increasingly important for the success of many projects: planning measures according to needs, increasing the quality of services and satisfaction of stakeholders, understanding complex issues, legitimizing decisions – all stakeholders are required!


Participation means that two or more interest groups are involved in a project, taking part, participating, having a say. The understanding of participative processes is as diverse as the terms are. Adapted to the project goals, the interest groups and local conditions, and based on our many years of experience with participation processes, we therefore first determine which form of participation supports the success of the project and is most feasible. It is important to clearly define the scope for decision-making and design and to communicate this throughout the entire process in a way that is appropriate to the target group.


For cities and communities

Participation processes and targeted communication provide significant support for the future-oriented development of cities and communities. Sophisticated concepts and sustainability strategies are an important first step in meeting challenges such as climate protection, resource conservation or the energy transition. However, cities and municipalities can only realize sustainable development goals together with their population.


We promote the dialog between you and your residents as well as between residents. We can support you in involving different parties interested in your region, city or municipality’s climate and environmental goals.


For companies and organizations

Participation often has a positive effect on the quantity and quality of product and process innovations. The joint development of solutions increases the motivation of all participants to implement them. The opportunity to have a say promotes employee satisfaction and their identification with the company. In an increasingly complex and digitalized working world, the involvement of employees offers companies and organizations a particularly wide range of opportunities.


With participatory processes and targeted communication, we demonstrate alternative courses of action, make new technologies or infrastructures accessible, and thus facilitate changes in attitude and behavior.

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