Potential Analyses Green Economy and Circular Economy

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Sustainable and attractive cities and regions thanks to sound analyses

Through environment and potential analyses for green economy and circular economy, we reveal implementation possibilities and the impact of sustainable business models, green technologies and circular economy approaches. Our analysis supports alliances between businesses, cities, municipalities or regions by providing facts for the development of a circular economy or site development strategy.

Based on our many years of project experience on various topics such as climate policy, circular economy in companies or regional economy, together with our profound know-how in the field of empirical social research, we conduct environment and potential analyses. These serve as a basis for the elaboration of your regional innovation strategy and for the promotion of the attractiveness of your location, for the application for funding or the planning of an implementation phase in this field.


From analysis to concrete recommendations for action

In order to demonstrate the potential of the green economy and circular economy for your region, the first step is to analyze the current state of the economic structure by means of key figures based on comprehensive desk research, to examine the anchoring of the topic of sustainability in the region, to identify the existing approaches to the circular economy and to to consider the political environment.


The potentials and obstacles of a green transformation and circular economy for your region are subsequently identified. To do this, we look at suitable indicators and key figures that can be used to measure and evaluate the potential of the green economy and the circular economy. For example, qualitative expert interviews and focus groups are used to investigate market pressures (e.g. sustainable products on the market, demand situation) and political pressures (e.g. political initiatives regulations, programs). In addition, experts and company representatives are questioned on the concrete potentials and hurdles with regard to the transformation of the companies in the region towards green economy and circular economy. In particular, the regional development opportunities will be analyzed and highlighted.


Finally, we provide tailored policy recommendations that cover the strategic and operational levels, are addressed to different economic and social actors as well as policy makers, and identify opportunities for European cooperation as well as government support. Best practices from Switzerland, Germany and Europe make a significant contribution to the formulation of the policy recommendations.

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