Potential Analysis of Digital Approaches


Digital approaches for sustainable development

We show how different digital approaches can make a positive contribution to sustainable development. We inves-tigate the potential of artificial intelligence, big data, platforms, digital business models and the Internet of Things in terms of their environmental and social sustainability.

By means of representative surveys, expert interviews, focus groups or case studies, we can show you the connec-tion between digital approaches (e.g. artificial intelligence or Internet of Things) and the topic of sustainability. We address the potential and fields of application of the digital approaches of interest to you with regard to sustainable development, investigate the acceptance of the approaches among relevant target groups and measure the positive as well as negative impacts on the environment through the use of key figures. Furthermore, we define requirements for digital approaches and formulate questions that must be addressed and answered in any sustainable development.


Here, people’s behavior and their interaction with technology plays a major role. We investigate their fears and anxieties with regard to digital applications, their needs and desires, and which approaches are likely work in practice.


Based on the potential, acceptance or impact analysis, we derive measures that are tailored to you, and formulate guidelines or an implementation concept.


Among other things, we investigate these questions for you:


  • What are useful KPIs and best practice examples to evaluate the sustainability of digital business models?
  • What are the potentials for chat bots or smart home applications in terms of sustainability and social acceptance?
  • To what extent does IoT make a positive contribution to preventing heat islands in cities?
  • What are existing application fields of IoT in the energy sector? How can these be further developed?
  • What potential does Big Data offer for sustainable supply chains?
  • What are the barriers or risks in applying Machine Learning to climate change mitigation?
  • How can the collection and analysis of big data have a positive impact on the sustainable development of energy consumption and production?