Operation and Management

Operation and management

Sustainability, cost optimization and user orientation are key factors in the management of real estate. Based on the real estate and utilization strategy, we therefore implement management concepts as early as the planning stage. Our extensive experience enables us to optimally design organizational, spatial and technical requirements as well as concepts.

We rely on innovative methods and techniques such as the process/performance model in FM (ProLeMo), life cycle costing, logistics simulations as well as data and information concepts for digital management models. Our exper-tise is based on successfully implemented management concepts for industrial buildings, university buildings, po-lice/justice buildings, cultural and museum buildings as well as residential and commercial sites.


Within the framework of an operating concept, the structural and operational requirements for a building are de-fined in cooperation with the future operators and recorded in a report. The operating concept defines the operat-ing requirements for the building and the required space and serves as a basis for further planning. In order to correctly explain the operating processes and to meet the operational requirements, these are structured and presented according to the Process and Performance Model in Facility Management (ProLeMo). This model was developed by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) and serves as a basis for developing clear strategies and guidelines for facility management.


The management concept maps management processes and the associated organizational requirements for im-plementation in management. It is important to identify the necessary stakeholders and to clarify their roles and responsibilities in the management phase.


From the analysis and definition of operationally relevant processes for construction and management, a determi-nation of the required FTE can be made, as well as a statement on the operational concept with internal and ex-ternal service provision. From this, operating and management costs can be determined and cost optimizations identified by means of benchmarking with comparable objects.


It is advantageous to develop a first version of the operating and/or management concept in a very early planning phase, e.g. together with the development of the space requirements or the utilization concept for a new building or upcoming overall renovation. Special attention should be paid to the organization, operating and management processes and the user processes, and these should be mapped in a structured manner. Subsequently, the opera-tional and management concept can be further specified and supplemented with ongoing planning.

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