Martina Alig

Divison Manager

Martina Alig is an ETH environmental scientist with a focus on life cycle assessments. Martina Alig has 10 years of experience in corporate and product life-cycle assessment consulting and in advising clients on how to reduce their environmental impact. She is head of intep's Environmental und Resource management business unit.

About me

I prepare product and corporate eco-balances, advise companies on environmentally sound decisions and support them in setting credible and effective environmental goals. Due to my in-depth experience in LCA, I always keep the whole system in mind and think “from cradle to grave”.


My many years in environmental consulting have allowed me to gain insight into a wide variety of business sectors. It is important to me to react flexibly to the specific needs of each company and assist them wherever they are in their journey. One focus of mine is the environmental impact of food production and processing, which has given me a solid knowledge of agricultural production processes. Through our enforcement work, I am also familiar with the air quality requirements for combustion facilities. In addition to my consulting work, I am an external lecturer at the HSLU, where I introduce students from various disciplines to the topic of “sustainability” during a block week.

Education and Training

Dipl. Environmental Science (ETH Zurich)


  • Life Cycle Initiative
  • FachFrauen Umwelt


Expert activities

  • Auditor QSEM



  • LCA of climate friendly construction materials
  • Umweltatlas Lieferketten Schweiz
  • Ecological and economic assessment of climate protection measures for implementation on agricultural holdings in Switzerland



  • Visiting Lecturer HSLU (Block Week Sustainability)
  • Life Cycle Assessment Module CAS Sustainable Management HSLU
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