Future of the Kasernenareal Zurich


The military barracks area in the city of Zurich is largely vacant. As part of the master plan "Zukunft Kasernenareal Zürich" (Future Barracks Area Zurich), the area is now being redeveloped: In the future, there will be space for an education center for adults, as well as spaces for restaurants and public-oriented services. The new FM logistics and operations concept is being developed by intep.

FM logistics and operational concept


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Due to its central location and size, the military barracks area is considered a key site for the development of Zurich’s city center. However, after the move of the cantonal police to the new po-lice and justice center, this area is largely vacant. The master plan “Zukunft Kasernenareal Zürich” (Future Barracks Area Zurich) now envisages that the two barracks buildings will continue to be reserved for cantonal sovereign tasks: the realization of the Education Center for Adults (BiZE), consisting of the Cantonal Maturity School for Adults (KME) and the Vocational School for Continuing Education (EB) Zurich, is planned, as well as the creation of attractive spaces on the ground floor that have public features (restaurant and public-oriented services).


Intep is now developing an FM logistics and operational concept for the barracks area. Among other things, the concept will define the processes of the future building and user operation, as well as create an operator model. With the determination of the life cycle costs, the total costs for the realization, management, maintenance and renewal of the site will be presented. Further-more, intep supports and advises the facility management by providing input with respect to the planning and construction with the life cycle costs in mind, as well as the flexible properties of building components, and its cleaning and maintenance-friendly building design. This ensures efficient and sustainable future management of the military barracks site.


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Creation of a logistics and operating concept

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