Daytime cleaning

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

Offices and business premises are nowadays often cleaned during off-peak hours. This can have environmental and economic disadvantages and prove a burden on the cleaning staff. Intep conducted a study on this issue, which shows the impact of the current practice and the potential of cleaning during office hours.

Recognising the advantages of daytime cleaning


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Investigating the benefits of daytime cleaning

In Germany, offices and business premises are often cleaned at off-peak hours, i.e. outside office hours. This has social consequences for the cleaning staff, environmental disadvantages, and economic consequences for all stakeholders. However, various pilot projects and the experience of hospitals or airports show that cleaning during daytime operations is possible.


Intep conducted a study comparing the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning during off-peak hours with daytime cleaning. From a socio-economic and environmental point of view, intep compiled a catalogue of quantitative and qualitative indicators, based on which surveys were conducted with the client’s customers and employees.


The results of the interviews and a preceding literature research were evaluated and summarised in a report on the potential of daytime cleaning. The findings are attached to specific rec-ommendations for the optimal implementation of daytime cleaning in offices and business premises.