Waldsee BioHaus

Designed in 2005 by Intep principal and registered architect Stephan Tanner for Concordia College's German Language camp "Waldsee", the BioHaus Environmental Living Center marks ground zero for Passive House in the Americas. Certified as the first of its kind on the continent, it is a beacon of sustainability and a landmark for the green building movement in the United States. Since its completion in 2006, this school building has been host to many Concordia College Language Village students and their teachers on the German-language “Waldsee” campus near Bemidji, Minnesota. BioHaus is both residence and environmental living center, offering sleeping room for 28 people, as well as bathroom facilities, a small apartment, two schoolrooms, and a Passive House systems demonstration space. Students are immersed in the German language and culture, while learning about the environment, renewable energy systems and sustainable living.



Concordia College


Stephan Tanner


Intep & Integrale Planung, Rehau


David Morris, P.E.


Zeta Construction




First certified Passive House in North America

Passive House performance and passive solar design in an extreme cold climate zone