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Intep is an interdisciplinary consulting and research company for environment, economy and society with branches in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China. We work interdisciplinarily in a flexible cross-location team structure. We have an open culture and an active exchange of knowledge, both internally and externally. In all our activities, intep stands for innovation, trustworthiness and integral solutions.

The company for Integral Planning (intep) was founded in 1979. For 40 years we provide consulting and research services for sustainable development to private and public organizations. In doing so, we consider environmental, economic and social issues equally.

The locations and companies are part of the holding company intep AG. The owners of intep AG are the active partners in the company. The locations operate independently. With our flexible organizational structure, we can bundle necessary resources quickly and implement cross-site teams of experts. This enables us to offer our clients international know-how with a local presence.

Supervisory Board

With their networking in science and industry, the Supervisory Board forms the foundation for expertise, innovation and knowledge transfer.

Numbers and Facts

Quality Management

EFQM Modell Recognised for Excellence

In 2020, intep was honored to receive the Recognised for Excellence award at the 5-star level from the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). We are committed to continuous improvement, creating a culture of responsibility and promoting innovation. Trusting relationships with our employees, partners and customers form the basis of the company’s sustainable success.




Awarded ‘LEED Proven Provider’

After 2017 the US Green Building Council (USGBC) awards intep 2022 again with the ‘LEED Proven Provider’. With the ‘LEED Proven Provider’ award, the US Green Building Council acknowledges the consistently high quality of our LEED project submissions.



As a leading consulting and research company for sustainable development, we are committed to a future worth living. The 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement guide our actions in this context. The established exchange on the topic of corporate responsibility with our stakeholders places high expectations on us. We act as a role model in the area of corporate responsibility, which we have anchored in our corporate strategy with corresponding goals.

Sustainability Report 2020 (German)

GRI Index 2020 (German)

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

The Global Compact initiative of the United Nations is a vision for a fairer globalized world. It is aimed equally at private companies as well as civil society, political and scientific organizations. The vision formulates 10 universal principles based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 and define the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


By voluntarily joining the initiative, intep is committed to the vision of the initiative and wants to do its part for an environmentally friendly and livable future. We always measure our actions against the 10 universal principles and are committed to the SDGs with innovative solutions.


Memberships & Network

Our professional networking includes the active membership of intep and our employees in the following associations and societies:



Our outstanding achievements and innovative strength are only possible because we inspire our employees with enthusiasm. Their extraordinary commitment contributes to intep’s sustainable and economic development. We therefore create an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable, develop both professionally and personally as well as contribute added value to sustainability and to our company. Our mission consists of the following elements:

The interdisciplinary know-how of our employees promotes a holistic approach and leads to future-oriented solutions for our clients.

We are committed to the development and implementation of new methods and tools and offer state-of-the-art knowledge.

Our locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China enable us to realize international projects across national borders.

We value and leverage the talents of our employees, promote their individual development and create an attractive working environment.

With a vision of a future worth living, we research environmentally friendly, economically and socially compatible solutions – for our clients and society.

40 years of experience provide security, create trust in our services and are the basis for customized results.

Client relationship
Taking time to understand our client’s needs as well as building and maintaining a personal relationship are a vital part of our consulting philosophy.



We support selected projects in the fields of education, culture and science with ideas and financial support.

We are active as lecturers at colleges and universities. We teach environmental, resource and real estate management. We are also instructors for auditors of the sustainability certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and MINERGIE-ECO.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We not only address sustainability in our consulting mandates, but also live it in our day-to-day business. We have subjected ourselves to the extensive evaluation criteria of the international EcoVadis rating platform. With the silver CSR rating issued, we are demonstrably among the best in our industry with above-average activity and responsibility in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Climate protection
Through the non-profit foundation “myclimate”, we annually offset our greenhouse gas emissions from all processes and consumer goods are unavoidable through our own scope of business. In this way, we promote climate protection projects and the transition to a more sustainable energy economy in developing countries.

With CEO4climate, we advocate for a climate-friendly economy. On this platform, we are committed to effective energy and climate policies to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.


Successful start at Intep
To ensure that new employees feel comfortable and integrated, we implement a personalized introductory program. A mentor supports the first few months and is available to answer professional and personal questions.


Spontaneous application
We are interested in spontaneous applications. Please use the contact form.


Intep is an ideal partner for an internship. We work on exciting projects with close supervision and deep insight into our consulting activities. In addition, we provide support in the choice of the Master’s topic and supervise the Master’s thesis.


For job offers check our german site.

Partnerships and collaborations

Landsea Green Group Co., Ltd.

Intep and Landsea have a cooperation for projects, research and innovations

Vierthaler und Braun

Vierthaler und Braun is responsible for intep's graphic design and visual communication

Shenzhen Institute of Building Research

Intep and IBR have a cooperation for projects, research and innovations

öbu Der Verband für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Intep is a member of öbu in Zurich with a cooperation on various sustainable projects

Sino German Innovation Center

ntep and SGIC in Hefei have a cooperation for projects, research and innovation

Zhejiang University

Intep and ZUST CDAI in Hangzhou have a cooperation for projects, applied research and education

Skat Consulting Ltd

Intep and Skat support SDC in the implementation of the Zero Emission Standard in China

LEP Consultants

Intep and LEP Consultants (Zurich and Kunming) have a cooperation for projects in China

The Epsten Group

Intep and the Epsten Group have a cooperation for Energy Modeling in Green Building Projects

Sustainable Data Technologies

Intep and SDT have a cooperation for greenhouse gas accounting for CO2-free App

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